What Are The Qualities Of The Best ESM Tool?

Enterprise service management is a concept generally said as ESM. It seems like an extension of ITSM. We said this because it borrows some ideas from ITSM. This borrowing did not mean that they both are the same concepts. They have many similarities, but they are two different concepts applied in various fields. ESM has gained so much importance that it has become an integral part of a standardized organizational structure. Perfect enterprise service management could take your organization to new heights of success.

When we realized the importance and benefits of ESM, questions came to mind, like how could we move forward towards ESM? How to implement it? And how to make it perfect so that it could be more beneficial? The answer to all these questions is an ESM software/tool/system. Choosing an ideal ESM system could solve all your problems regarding ESM. Now, the question arises, how could we choose the best enterprise service management software? We have given a complete guide in our previous articles to answer this question. In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of the qualities of the best ESM tool so that you can choose wisely and comfortably. We hope that it will be really helpful for you when choosing a cloud solution for your problems regarding ESM. Before moving forward, we should first know what is actually an enterprise service management tool. So, let’s move forward with it.

What Is An Enterprise Service Management Software?​

ESM software is a cloud solution developed with the aim of unifying an organization’s operational business-oriented infrastructure. It helps an organization to make its ESM process better. Using an ESM tool is the best solution to manage enterprise services. But you should be careful while choosing an ESM system because it could disturb your business if you choose the wrong one. The best ESM tool helps to unify all the service infrastructure on one platform and causes more benefits to the company. In some cases, organizations could not get their targeted benefits from ESM. It is because they have chosen a cloud solution that is not ideal for their organizations.

Qualities Of The Best ESM Tool

It’s an arduous task to find the best cloud solution for ESM. Due to intense competition and more diversity in its market, finding an ideal ESM tool is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you do not know the qualities of the best ESM tool, it’s nearly impossible to find the best one. To ease your work, we have given the following some common qualities of the best cloud solution for ESM.


If your ESM tool has a manual operating system, you have chosen the wrong cloud solution. An ideal ESM system must contain automatic features like auto-creation and auto-assignment of tickets to the concerned departments. Moreover, it should also have the capability to respond automatically through chatbots, autoresponders, or AI riched chat templates for 24/7 limited responding.

If your ESM tool includes that feature, it will save your time and also cause more satisfaction to both the service team and requesters. It will also decrease the workload of your service management team. Automation features could benefit your organization above your thought. So, you must take care of whether your selected software has automated features or not.

Well-Defined Change Management Process

A change management process is a vital process for organizations. It is because new changes are invented continuously in the current technological era, which is too crucial for organizations due to their competition with rivals. Sometimes an unexpected incident happens that demands an immediate change. The purpose of these changes is to benefit and improve the organization, but they could be harmful and even disastrous if they had not been planned or poorly planned.

An ESM system could be helpful in this regard. It provides a predefined change management process that ensures efficient, meaningful, rapid, and risk-free changes. So, the best ESM tool must have a well-defined change management process. If your ESM software does not contain that feature, you should consider changing it.


Finding the best ESM system that can tackle your problems is difficult. It’s arduous to see all your required features in one software. Moreover, business challenges are continuously changing; you cannot change your software with constantly evolving business problems. That’s why an ideal ESM tool must be flexible. It should contain the customization feature so that you can change it according to your needs. Many advanced features offer the quality of customization. For example, TIKTING help desk & change management service provides a portal to request a feature. Through this portal, you can request developers to add the feature of your desire.

Suppose ESM software does not provide the feature of customization. Then at least we could not consider it the best and wise choice.

More Features With Less Price

According to an estimate, the help desk software market has the potential to grow its economy up to 50 billion dollars by 2025. These stats tell us how much potential the help desk market has. With growing demand, competition between the rivals is also increasing. Significantly, there is intense competition between ESM-oriented tools. Due to this competition, they have to offer more features at less price.

The best ESM tool always offers more features at a lower cost than others. So, it would be best if you found a tool with the perfect combination. We said perfect combination because some tools offer less price but have fewer features than others. Whereas some tools demand a higher price than others, but meanwhile, they provide more features than others. Some tools demand a higher price than others, while they do not have so many features to present. That’s why you should choose a tool that has a perfect combination between price and features.

Self-Service Portal

It is the most crucial thing for enhancing user experience. It is because some users did not want to be involved in a complicated process to resolve their simple problems, so they preferred to use a self-service portal given FAQs and Q and A solutions to solve their issues. Moreover, it not only improves the end-user experience but also reduces workloads from the service team. So, an ideal ESM system must have a self-service portal.

Multi-Channel Communication

Multi-channel communication is another way to improve the end-user experience. This feature allows users to communicate with the service team through various communication channels. This feature not only enhances user experience but also makes the service team’s work easier. So, it would help if you chose software through which your team can communicate in multiple ways of communication. It could also cause a more efficient and speedy response to users.

Performance Monitoring

If you are worried about the bad performance of your service team, you should use ESM software that offers performance monitoring features. Cloud solutions could do so in various ways like time tracking, time bounding, or Chat history. Better service operations could be only possible if the service team shows better performance. So, choosing a tool that offers performance monitoring measures would be best.

Shared Inboxes

Through this feature, ESM software provides a combined conversational place for the service team. In this shared inbox, team members interact with each other to enhance the collective team effort for better service management. A shared inbox not only improves collaborative effort but also enhances the individual actions of a team member. So, if a cloud solution does not provide shared inboxes, then it means it is not the best ESM tool.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes, service team members face a problem about which they do not have so much knowledge. For that kind of situation, the feature of a knowledge base is important. A cloud solution provides complete searchable knowledge about these conditions through the knowledge base feature. So, the best ESM tool must have a knowledge base feature.

Could be Deployed In Both Local, Cloud, And Hybrid Forms

An ideal ESM software could deploy in local, cloud, and hybrid forms. Local deployment means it could use your local infrastructure to run an ESM process; Cloud deployment means you can publish it on some public cloud. Hybrid deployment means you can get an instance on a software provider’s cloud. An ideal Enterprise Service Management system always provides a flexible option for its deployment.

Free Trial

If a software is not offering a free trial, it means that ESM software is not an Ideal tool for you. An ideal Enterprise Service Management software always offers a limited free trial to its new users. The purpose of the free trial is to check the capabilities of that ESM tool to tackle the challenges which your company is facing. If it succeeded in doing the job in a trial run, you should continue with it; otherwise, you could change it without wasting your money.

Provides Complete History of Service Operations

The best ESM tool always provides a complete history of service operations. Through this history, you can monitor the performance of your service team. It could also be helpful for you in improving the performance of your enterprise. That’s why we strongly recommend you add this feature to your wish list.


Through the above discussion, we learned that choosing an ideal ESM software is very important. It is because the best ESM tool can change the whole map of your enterprise service management. So, you should think a lot and choose your ESM system wisely. It’s an arduous task to find the best one. That’s why we have given you the qualities of the best cloud solution for ESM. These are the common qualities of the ESM tools. So, if your tool has all the above attributes, it means you have an ideal tool for ESM.

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