ITDEVTECH Commitment to Sustainability

ITDEVTECH has always been at the forefront of our efforts to keep our planet safer from Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Emissions and is very opinionated about the widespread use of plastics filling our oceans.

We have partnered with to make as much a difference as can be made. Towards these efforts, 10% of our profit annually goes to their initiatives. Our favorite: replantation of trees across North America.

Our cloud services come from 100% solar electricity-based data centers.

In addition, we encourage our employees to become environmentally aware. We have banned the use of plastic bottles in our offices, we choose our partners with the same shared goals.

Furthermore, we along with our employees organize community-wide roadshows encouraging our communities to invest in carbon-neutral technologies and products and to empower them with knowledge about our climate changes and its dangers to our beautiful blue planet.