Ultra-Secure Multivendor Network Management System

Take control, automate and manage the entire life cycle of interconnected devices.

Configuration Management

Schedule device configuration backups, track user activity and spot changes by comparing configuration versions all from a centralized web GUI using network configuration management software.

Real Time Change Management

Using network configuration and change management feature, monitor configuration changes, get instant notifications and prevent unauthorized changes to make your networking environment secure, stable and compliant.

Compliance Auditing

Using network configuration management tool define standard practices and policies, check device configurations for violations and readily apply remedial measures to ensure device compliance.

Automating Configuration Tasks

Save time by automating your network configuration as well as repetitive, time-consuming configuration management tasks by centrally applying configuration changes to devices in bulk.

Firmware Vulnerability Management

ITNMS helps you to scan your network devices for firmware vulnerabilities and remotely upgrade firmware to eliminate potential threats.

Distributed Configuration Management

Manage network configurations in distributed networks with ITNMS.

Businesses today face huge losses due to network disasters. The most common causes of network disasters are faulty configuration changes, compliance violations and configuration conflicts. Such mishaps can be reverted and also avoided if network admins have enhanced visibility into their network and control over the change workflow.

Analytics & Performance Evaluation

Using ITNMS user activity tracking, change management and configuration backup, you can make your network disaster-proof. Check out this video to learn how you can manage configurations, change and compliance using the network configuration management software called ITNMS.

Control from your mobile phone

ITNMS’s iPhone app allows you to manage network configurations on the move.

You can get critical insights on:

1. Configuration changes
2. Compliance
3. User activity
4. Configuration backup
5. Startup-running conflicts

Informative Inventory

Informative device inventory depicting device details and hardware properties.

Seamless End-to-end network mangement

Using ITNMS, centrally manage your network configurations such as network switch configuration management, router management, etc. Make your network disaster-proof with improved visibility into your network infrastructure.

Miscellaneous Features

Configuration backup

Network automation

iOS / Android Mobile Apps

Change detection

Rollback mechanisms

Compliance management

Detailed Reports

Support for 200+ vendors

24x7 Technical support

Distributed system support

Automatic data sync

Automatic update

Collective data/reports

SD-WAN integration

Centralised Server