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Ascension Saint Joseph – Joliet

The 20-member help desk team at ASCENSION SAINT JOSEPH offers IT support and service to 500 employees and more than 600 assets. With the team’s previous help desk software, it was difficult to achieve service delivery excellence. The solution offered limited customizations and work flows. The team was unable to deliver consistent service across the IT environment, and the quality of service could have been better.

With most of the team’s productive time spent on analyzing and closing tickets, it took longer than necessary to determine the root cause and to resolve tickets. Soon it became a priority to have a more proactive environment. They needed a help desk software solution that helped close tickets and monitor the IT environment to avoid unanticipated IT failures and service interruptions.

Reporting was another area that the team wanted to improve. They wanted to monitor performance across help desk modules. “Consistency across our IT environment, proactive monitoring, and efficient reporting were the major hurdles that slowed us from improving our IT service delivery process,” said Robert Kennedy, of the ASCENSION SAINT JOSEPH help desk team.

“We were easily able to tailor-fit Tikting to our environment without any coding. And with the ease of use it delivers to our end users, more incidents are now reported in Tikting than through phone calls or walk-ins., said Kennedy.”

After evaluating multiple tools, the team zeroed in on Tikting as a replacement system. The customizations through con­figuration of Tikting made the implementation process straightforward. Furthermore, Tikting’s simple, intuitive, web-based interface and its ease of use for end users added to ASCENSION SAINT JOSEPH’ experience.

With best practice implementations right out of the box, Tikting helps the team at ASCENSION SAINT JOSEPH continually improve efficiency in handling incidents. Tikting also exceeds the reporting requirements of the team with live, configurable dashboards that give real-time information to monitor help desk performance. Apart from the live dashboards, the premade and custom reports in Tikting and the ability to schedule and share reports periodically helps the team gain valuable insight. “Measuring help desk performance with Tikting has helped us focus on key ITIL parameters for successful service delivery,” Kennedy said. “Tikting ful­fills all our help desk requirements. And the assured support and assistance from ITDEVTECH is overwhelming. The fact that Tikting integrates easily with other products from ITDEVTECH helps us achieve an end-to-end service management.