With increasing support calls as well as decentralized IT contract and purchase management, multi-bank holding company BFC Financial Corporation, Inc. was looking for a help desk solution that would streamline their ticketing process and provide better visibility into their IT contracts and purchases.


BFC Financial Corporation, Inc.’s help desk operations are managed by a eighty-member team based in Huntington, West Virginia. With multiple offices across the East Coast, users would primarily call the help desk when they needed assistance. This meant technicians spent more time answering calls than resolving tickets. Without a proper database that detailed problems and their related solutions, technicians were also spending a lot of time looking for answers to known solutions.

Consequently, technician productivity took a big hit. With operations across 45 cities in two different states, BFC Financial Corporation, Inc.’s IT purchase orders and contracts were all over the place and became unmanageable. The company needed a help desk solution that would accommodate users with faster ticket logging, assist technicians in resolving tickets quicker, and provide more visibility into the company’s purchases and contracts.


Tikting provided an easy solution to the ongoing IT service problems BFC Financial Corporation, Inc. faced. Their customers now log tickets using a self-service portal, which means the help desk gets fewer calls and the technicians are able to focus on more productive tasks. Using the self-service portal, users are also able to check the status of their tickets, provide information to technicians whenever required, and get notifications about company-wide announcements.
We found Tikting to be easy to set up and even easier to use. It came with every feature that we were currently looking for in a total help desk solution product.

This robust ticketing system helps technicians track requests in real time, communicate with customers from within the tool, create templates for common requests, and view the history of a request. An integrated knowledge base enables technicians to create solutions right from within tickets and access previously solved problems and known errors, thus eliminating the duplication of efforts.

The Purchase and Contracts modules enable the team to keep track of all purchases and contracts across the organization’s different locations. With centralized IT purchase management, BFC Financial Corporation, Inc. is now able to make better purchase decisions and allocate costs more efficiently since they can quickly identify where cost centers are and pull a report of their purchase history. Apart from addressing the organization’s immediate needs, Tikting also provides them with a seamless integration between the Requests and Purchase modules.

The help desk team can see the complete life cycle of a purchase order, from the associated request to the closure of the purchase order, up until the ticket is closed. BFC Financial Corporation, Inc. found the solution that was right for all of their ticketing and purchase visibility needs.