ITDEVTECH has implemented its solutions in the Industries. Our clients range from large scale power distributors to cement plants.


Electra Australia is one of the largest Companies in Australia o­ffering products for extra high voltage power transmission and extra high speed data transmission. Electranet’s products are suitable for use in the Telecom, Power, Defense, MSOs, CATV, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Broadband & Transportation Sectors. Further, Electranet has been awarded three projects for building power transmission systems (lines and substations) in South Australia, as a Developer, on a Build Own Operate Maintain (“BOOM”) basis. The Company shares a common lineage with Vedanta Resources plc a globally diversified natural resources group.

Electranet’s IT support team comprises of 45 technicians servicing over 1500 users across the country & Overseas on IT related issues. With a distributed user base across the country & overseas and IT Support teams spread across 14 locations, Sterile was looking to unify and streamline IT support operations.

Electranet’s IT support organization wanted to move away from the trouble shooting mode and act as a strategic driver to achieve business goals. ‑ That meant improving technician efficiency, prioritizing work load, ensuring end user satisfaction and finally collect data to identify areas for improvement.


In order to do that they were on the lookout for an IT help desk tool that would:
Require minimum maintenance not adding to the IT overhead and which automate technician tasks and prioritize work load.

They also required something which will help technicians minimize response time and improve ticket resolution time and accuracy and contain comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting for detailed analysis and improve End User satisfaction.

In their search for a solution, Electranet signed up for a free 30-day trial of ITDEVTECH’s Tikting. “In our first look at the application we were convinced that it met most of our requirements out of the box itself. It was very intuitive and we just needed to configure the application a bit to bring it up to scale” says Aston Walker, Head – Business Systems at Electranet. “We initially started with just 5 technicians and in a year’s time have increased it to around 45 technicians and this application is now an integral part of the IT operations at Electranet,” he adds.

The cloud model of delivery of Tikting has ensured that Electranet’s IT team need not worry about the everyday hassles of maintaining the application such as configuring servers, installation, applying patches, etc. The application is hosted on ITDEVTECH’s servers in the US and all upgrades are taken care of by ITDEVTECH ensuring that Electranet is always on the latest version of the software. Thus technicians can focus more on serving end users and in turn Electranet’s IT could focus more on strategy.


Tikting has helped Electranet IT automate a number of tasks in the ticket life cycle that have helped technicians service end users faster and better

1: Apart from a Portal that end users access to log tickets, any email sent to the IT support mail box is automatically converted to a ticket.

2: Once a ticket is created it is automatically routed to a certain technician based on pre-configured business rules. So there is no worry about un assigned tickets in the queue. The ticket is also assigned a priority, category, etc. based on the easily configurable business rules.

3: Pre-configured SLAs applied on tickets help technicians at Electranet aware of how much time they have before they close the ticket helping them prioritize their work load.

4: Configurable Automatic notifications on tickets triggered in events like receipt of a ticket, update, closure, approval, etc. to end users have ensured that Electranet’s IT team is more communicative and responsive than ever before without the technicians requiring to do anything.

5: Technicians have also been able to make use of productivity tools such as Request Templates, Task Templates, Reply Templates and Resolution Templates to automate repetitive tasks and save a lot of time.

“From the moment a ticket is submitted to us, to the moment we close and come back to the user, Tikting has ensured that not a step is missed along the way while ensuring that we respond to end users sooner and resolve tickets faster – and in the past year 50,000 tickets have serviced using the application says Aston.”

Electranet have also made a comprehensive reporting and dashboard mechanism mining Tikting data for reporting and analysis. An important report they generate is the ‘Time Spent’ report that details time spent on tickets.

Analyses of time spent reports have helped Electranet IT analyze productivity and performance identifying areas that require improvement. Since the requirements of reporting keep changing often, depending on the party requesting it, Electranet IT managers use the custom reporting functionality in the application to generate reports and charts that are in turn forwarded the necessary stakeholders for e­ffective decision making.

Electranet technicians also make use of the detailed dashboards available to them when they login. The dashboard provides the necessary intelligence on pending tickets, tasks due that day, announcements, approvals, etc. in one single location so technicians can plan their day’s activities e­ffectively. “Our team is a lot organized now with these dashboards” says Aston “we know our priorities and plan accordingly without subjecting ourselves to unnecessary pressure!”

Things have changed quite a bit in Electranet’s IT support operations since moving to Tikting.” Using the application, we have seen out IT efficiency go up by at least 20%. The business is beginning to acknowledge IT as an important value add and as drivers of efficiency and profitability. We are still maturing on our use of Tikting and plan to measure its direct impact on business in a few months from now by quantifying actual savings” says Aston. And when they do that, Aston is confident that they would be a lot to cheer about!