Enterprise Grade Help Desk Management System

Focus on speed, Reliability and Low Learning Curve – Integration with the Entire Corporate Value Chain.

Next Gen Help Desk Management

Designed for medium to large scale companies to automate support tasks, track accountability and increase productivity. It creates trackable support tickets to help the responsible people handle the query in a dynamically defined timeframe.


Integrated Ticket Management

AI and automation to create tickets and assign to next available person. Set ticket priorities and levels to define ticket SLAs, authenticate with active directory. performance evaluation and more.

Unified Change Management

Five stage Change Management System is included to strategize the project before taking any action to reduce the risks and contingency planning.

Determines rollout or backout plans at a given stage for senior management to exercise ultimate control over approvals and rejections based on event-driven information process workflow.


Custom Workflows

Simple to comprehensive workflows are ready to serve in any organization.

Create custom templates to define common workflow of your team’s change management process.

Escalation Levels

Time constrained SLAs (Service Level Agreements) uses AI and automation to escalate the ticket, incidents or change requests to the next level as per any sized company’s hierarchy.

Trackable Conversations, Incidents and Actions

Start of an incident to every steps taken to resolution, all the details are recorded to avoid blaming environment which ensure a smooth and healthy working place.

Complete Forensic, Intuitive Design

The only workable solution is to provide a clean, intuitive and uncluttered human understandable design that is suitable for every action detail.



Analytics & Performance Evaluation

Ticket creation, category and satisfaction Reports are easy to view and schedule to email. Worklog charts and details of an individual technician is presented in easy to understand charts and graphs.

Integrated Knowledgebase

Knowledge Base consists of two sections one with a local inventory of most frequently asked questions.

Advanced Q & A section helps to determine the best possible solution through a voting system within a team.

Hassle Free Automatic Backups

It supports scheduling customizable periodic archiving for optimum performance and the database access permits to take ITIL-compliant database backups.


ITIL Compliant Flexible Deployment

TIKTING offers On-Premises and public cloud deployment which makes it stand out of the crowd in flexibility over data retention and backup options.


Miscellaneous Features