ITDEVTECH for Startups Customer Offers

We want to help your startup grow better and scale faster. We offer up to 70% of discounts on some of our products geared toward the Corporate sector to your startup.

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers to help you to start teaming up with ITDEVTECH.

What are the major differences between the startup account and the regular Free Tier account?

The startup program is uniquely designed for startups at any stage, offering specific benefits that support businesses as they scale their technology. The startup SKU offers free credits and a 70% discount for two years. The Free Tier account does not. The startup program also offers additional benefits, including mentoring, go-to-market support, and more resources than the Free Tier account.

What do you define as a startup? Am I eligible?

We consider a startup to be any company—B2B or B2C, in any industry or technology space—that has not yet been acquired or gone public.

Can anyone sign up for a startup account from the portal?

Yes. If you consider yourself a startup, you’re welcome to sign up.

Do I need to be part of a certain industry, at a certain stage, or use a specific technology to be eligible?

There are no restrictions on industry or technology areas. We’re open to all types of technologies—but your company must be a startup.

Are there any regional restrictions in place for startups wanting to sign up?

No, the program is open to all startups, regardless of location.

My account has been terminated. How can I reactivate it?

If your account has been terminated, you’ll need to register again. If the account is still in the process of being terminated, there’s a possibility the account could be reactivated. Please contact for further details.

Are accounts deactivated after a certain period of inactivity?

Yes if your account is not active in the previous 6 months, it will be considered inactive.

What if I do not have access to a credit card—can I pay a different way?

Startups will need a major credit card to join. PayPal is currently not available through the self-service enrollment process.

Can anyone sign up for a startup account from the portal?

Yes. If you consider yourself a startup, you’re welcome to sign up.

How many startup accounts are permitted per email ID?

One startup account is allowed per email ID

What are the benefits of ITDEVTECH for Startups?

ITDEVTECH for Startups provides access to world-class technology at a 70% discount to startups for the first two years. On joining, you’ll also be given access to the Startup Portal, through which you can apply for additional free credits, mentorship, migration support, and market connections. Read more about the benefits of joining ITDEVTECH for Startups. Explore the program.

How many free credits are available to startups in the program?

All startups receive US$500 in free credits when they join. You’re able to request US$1,000 additional credits once you’ve signed up for the Startup Portal and have begun to consume cloud credits for some of our products like Tikting.

Will I receive US$500 if I’m outside of the US?

Yes. Be aware that the amount you’ll receive can fluctuate and is dependent on the exchange rate against your local currency fixed at a certain point in our financial year. This can be more or less than the stipulated amount. You’ll also be able to apply for US$1,000 additional credits once you’re enrolled in the program.

Do cloud deployment credits expire?

The free cloud deployment credits received upon joining, as well as the 70% discount, expire two years after your startup enrolls in the program.