ITDEVTECH General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about protecting its citizens’ and residents’ data and privacy. The GDPR outlines global privacy requirements governing how to manage and protect personal data while respecting individual choice—regardless of where data is sent, processed, or stored.

ITDEVTECH believes that the GDPR is essential for strengthening data protection laws and individual privacy rights across the European Union. That’s why we have announced new service delivery developments that will allow our customers to request to have their EU-hosted data always handled exclusively within the EU.

Due to our principled approach to privacy, security, and compliance, we have one of the most extensive compliance portfolios in the industry. We comply with these key standards: ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, SSAE SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type, FedRAMP, and others

Built upon a safe, secure, and compliant cloud

As you prepare to comply with the GDPR, here is what else you can expect from us:

  • You maintain control. When you entrust your data to the ITDEVTECH cloud, you remain the sole owner. You retain the rights, title, and interest in the data you store in our cloud services. You can take advantage of the features inherent in the Now Platform® to meet your GDPR obligations related to deletion, rectification, transfer of, access to, and objection to processing of personal data.


  • You have full visibility. The ITDEVTECH cloud protects your data from inappropriate access or use by unauthorised individuals with robust measures, including restricting access by ITDEVTECH personnel and subcontractors. In addition to these commitments, we provide you with the ability to monitor how data is managed and who has access to what data within your organisation.


  • Our world‑class data centres are certified to internationally recognised security standards, protected by 24‑hour physical surveillance, and continuously monitored using strict access controls. Our single‑tenant architecture keeps your data logically isolated from the data of other customers.


  • Securing our cloud infrastructure is only part of a comprehensive security strategy. Each cloud service has built‑in security features to help you secure your data, including field‑level encryption, encryption in transit, comprehensive role‑based access control, application scoping, access and transaction logging and monitoring, and support for multi‑factor authentication.


  • We commit to rapid response. ITDEVTECH has robust security incident response processes and contractually commits to notifying our customers in accordance with the GDPR. With active threat intelligence and advanced machine learning capabilities, our security team does not have to wait for an incident to occur. We use real‑time data to predict issues, and then prioritise and resolve them based on the impact to your data or services.

Partnering to comply with the GDPR

Because compliance is a shared responsibility, we are committed to helping you comply with the GDPR. Requirements such as greater data access and erasure rules, privacy by design, and data breach notification processes may mean changes for your organisation. Therefore, it is important to understand your obligations related to the GDPR regardless of where your organisation resides.

We have recently updated our data processing addendum (DPA) in compliance with the requirements set forth in the GDPR. Our DPA also gives our customers contractual assurances that personal data can be lawfully transferred from the European Economic Area to the ITDEVTECH services.