Best Help Desk Software Solutions for 2023

Help desk software has become a massive use in employees and customer services in all industries and across all sectors where customers and clients can contact and reach out for ease of communication. The advancement of technology and various IT resources have changed the way customers, clients and businesses are seeking help or inquiring about any matters with the use of the help desk software for businesses.

Employees and businesses want fast-paced and secured communication channels that make it easy to reach and communicate with different representatives to respond and resolve within minutes. The existence of help desk software for enterprises has gained many benefits based on the user experience and the accessibility of a greater communication interface. This leads to strong customer usage and a reachable help desk without the hassle of long phone calls and tedious helpdesk procedures.

With flexible enterprise pricing and customizable features is a struggle for most businesses to find the right help desk software for their firm.

Companies need reliable helpdesk software to handle complaints with convenience and accessibility. If you run a business and struggle to search for the right help desk software, you have come to the right place in the search for help desk software.

TIKTING stands out from other help desk tools where no software will provide your startup a reliable help desk software for your business.

Things to Consider Before Finding the Suitable Help Desk Software

There are countless helpdesk tools in the technological market and no help desk tool is the same. Each tool carries out different functions and does not perform the same task and apply in the same business. The right helpdesk system is the one that will function as a smooth and hassle-free help desk system.

Before you jump into the functions of TIKTING, there are certain factors you need to consider before deciding on the ideal one for your business.


The right help desk software is the one that meets your budget for employees and customers. Different helpdesk systems offer different budget margins with various payment options and various features that go well within the needs of your firm. Depending on the number of staff and the size, it is always advisable to have a set budget before acquiring suitable help desk software for your firm.

The majority of help desk tools offer free trials with certain budget margins. When it comes to deciding the budget for the helpdesk software, do not expect to think that the more you pay for the software, the better the tool will be. One of the best ways to consider the ideal help desk software is to check its features, payment options and how long the software stays free.

Email Compatibility

Help desk tools must have greater email compatibility to work well with all exchange servers. Since this is the most challenging issue that troubled many businesses, the email submission system has to be compatible with the exchange server. The best way to consider email compatibility is to come up with a strategy on how to process ticket submission and resolve tickets in a short duration of time.

Different help desk tools are compatible with certain email exchange servers while others are compatible with a certain email exchange server. The ideal business help desk system is the one that is compatible with various email exchange servers.


A helpdesk system must be database driven as the main job of the help desk software is to keep all the data flowing in all systems without losing out on the most important information. There is no point in having a ticketing system software if the tool is not database driven. To ensure businesses flow smoothly, you need to find a helpdesk system that makes data backup easier. This will save your business from data loss and disruptions. If the database is your main factor to consider, you need to acquire a help desk system that is database driven.


Security is the most important factor to keep in mind when searching for a suitable ticketing system tool. Ticketing software tools involve passing tickets, incidents or complaints back and forth between subordinates, customers and clients in dealing with various cases. Since personal information is shown in the open eye, this is where security comes into play. One of the best ways to find the right ticketing system software is to keep in mind the security when it comes to data storage and transfer.

Intuitive interface

Your business should be easy to operate by members of your team. A good help desk tool should be easy to access and install without acquiring extra payment options. A new tool requires adjustment and takes time for your team to get used to the tool. However, do keep in mind that a tool with a great user interface does not mean it will be beneficial for your business. To find the right business helpdesk tool is to always consider the ease of use and accessibility.

Customer experience

If you want your business to ensure secure and successful help desk support, you need to find the right help desk software. A great tool performs the job smoothly and delights customers, users and clients. However, not all helpdesk tools perform the same job and deliver a user-friendly customer experience. Keep in mind a great customer experience for your business is to check and read the customer reviews about the experience of using the software. This will give you an idea of what to deliver for your firm.


Scalability is something you should not ignore when it comes to expanding your business in a few years. Once your business grows or upgrades extra staff, you need to opt for a help desk system that offers greater scalability. There is no point in installing a help desk tool for a large enterprise if the tool does not accommodate a large scale. It is crucial to keep in mind how the options price their tools. To save from changing one tool to the next, never ignore the scalability.

Collaboration features

A smooth help desk system must have collaboration features that support all subordinates, and employees and make it accessible for all users. This helps to save from data loss or system slowdown. Put simply, no one likes to lose track, everyone wants to be on the same page. This requires a helpdesk tool that comprises collaborative features to prevent from getting lost in the communication channel.

Reporting and metrics

Help desk tools have reporting and metrics to keep track and evaluate the changes happening within the business. Since reports and metrics are crucial for evaluation, a good business help desk system is the one that provides all the metrics and reporting features needed to track and access the number of tickets resolved, number of tickets created and many more. Your business needs evaluation and reporting to share with your subordinates for accessibility and easier to understand.

Top 10 Best Help Desk Software For Enterprises

Choosing the right enterprise help desk software can be challenging, given the wide range of options available. We compiled this list of key features so you can compare help desks and choose the right help desk software for companies.

TIKTING Help Desk System and Change Management Software

Number of Free Agents: 5 Technicians Free, Unlimited User Accounts plus Active Directory Sync and Free Unlimited Concurrent Users

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $36/user/month/

Free Trial Period: 90 days

TIKTING Help Desk system and Change Management Software is more than just a standalone helpdesk tool. Apart from the ticket and incident management system, it has a unified change management system, customizable & scheduled reports, escalation levels, trackable conversions, performance evaluation, hassle-free automatic backups and flexible deployment options.

Many other features like customizable priorities, levels & SLAs, assignable tasks, active directory synchronization, groups, teams & departments, worklog/ time tracking and integrated knowledge base makes it the best enterprise help desk software.

Other standard features are provided in most help desk systems such as mobile apps, internal chat server, custom notifications, alerts & reminders and interactive documentation.

This makes one of the most outstanding help desk software where you can obtain and achieve a strong help desk and change management system for your enterprise.

Here are the main features of TIKTING help desk software and how enterprises are reaching out to an accessible and secured help desk and change management system.

Integrated Ticket Management System

TIKTING works the ticket management system through automation procedures. This works with an AI ticketing system where the ticket is created and assigned to the available technician to deal with and resolve the ticket within minutes. For an easy and accessible function, TIKTING allows you to set ticket priorities and levels to define the SLAs and authenticate with the active directory.

With automated support tasks, TIKTING automates technician workflows and resolves different cases within minutes. The AI ticket management makes it easy and quick to resolve tickets with ease.

Unified Change Management System

The help desk software for business comprises a unified change management system with five stage function to take control over the approvals and rejections based on event-driven information process workflow. The software is determined by a rollout or backout plan at a given stage handled by senior management.

The five-stage plan makes unified change management where you can implement and strategize the project before taking any action to reduce the risks and contingency planning.

Customizable & Scheduled Reports

TIKTING gives you the ease of evaluation and monitoring in which the help desk software for business has customizable and scheduled reports. This allow you to monitor and schedule customized reports to give you a complete overview of your business performance.

With customized function and greater accessibility makes TIKTING a multi company help desk software. This allows businesses to concern about privacy and security in evaluating the periodical performance.

Escalation Levels

TIKTING marks the ideal help desk software for enterprises where the help desk system has timely constrained escalation levels with the use of the Service Level Agreement. This escalates the ticket, change request or incident to the next level. These escalation levels work with the use of the automation process where the escalation levels depend on the hierarchy and the size.

Trackable Conversations, Incidents and Actions

TIKTING stands out from other helpdesk system software by having trackable conversations and actions. These functions allow you to track conversations, incidents and actions in one place. This saves time from losing important data or losing track of the crucial actions or incidents happening during the help desk system.

Integrated Knowledge Base

The Integrated Knowledge Base makes TIKTING the best IT help desk software for businesses where this feature allows you to access and obtain information through questions and answers.

With two sections of Knowledge Base allows local inventories and any person to ask and obtain answers in this section. This integrated knowledge base saves businesses and enterprises on saving time in searching for the required information.

ITIL Compliant Flexible Deployment

Security, privacy and accessibility play a major role in businesses as these three things require a reliable and secured help desk system.

The help desk software for business offers flexible deployment options with on-premises and public cloud to make it stand out from other helpdesk software for companies. These flexible options allow businesses and employees to reach out to communication without any worries of data loss or other privacy-related issues.

Other Helpdesk Software For Enterprises you can Have a Look

We have also reviewed the other nine helpdesk software for enterprises for you to have a look at and consider the right one for your business. The best enterprise helpdesk software is the one that will allow your business to ensure a smooth and hassle-free help desk system.


Number of Free Agents: 10

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $79

Free trial period: 21 days

Freshdesk is a help desk management software that offers such features you can have a look at. The drawbacks of Freshdesk is that they lack change management, weak analytics options, weak search functionality and do not offer on-premises cloud deployment options. Their features are:

  • Omnichannel View
  • Launch Self-Service Options
  • SLA Management
  • CSAT
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Reporting
  • Flexible APIs
  • Mobile App for Android and Apple Users


Number of Free Agents: None

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $150

Free trial period: 14 days

Zendesk is another enterprise helpdesk software to build customer relationships through CRM. The help desk tool has certain disadvantages including difficulty to set up and offering expensive Enterprise pricing plans. Zendesk offers the following features:

  • Ticketing System
  • Messaging and Live Chats
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Integrated Voice Software
  • SLAs
  • Collaboration Tools
  • App Integrations
  • Automated Routing

Number of Free Agents: 5

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $79 Monthly and $69 Annually 

Free trial period: 14 days

HappyFox is a cloud-based and online help desk ticketing system that works for all businesses regardless of industry and size. The help desk tool has certain pitfalls including slow response time and a difficult integration process. Their features are:

  • Omnichannel Requests
  • Ticketing System
  • Self-Service
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Customization
  • Asset Management
  • Security
Help Scout

Number of Free Agents: 3

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $65 Annually and $40 Plus Plan 

Free trial period: 15 days

Help Scout offers various features for presenting a company helpdesk software but lacks the built-in social media capabilities and requires using third-party integrations to support Twitter and Facebook. Help Scout has the mentioned features:

  • Shared Inbox
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Management
  • Reporting
  • Live Chat
  • Workflows
  • Integrations
SolarWinds Service Desk

Number of Free Agents: None

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $89

Free trial period: 30 days

SolarWinds is an IT Service Management solution that helps to eliminate barriers to employee support services. The service desk system has certain drawbacks including slow customer support, a lack of important functionality and a weak user interface. Their features include:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Incident Management
  • Employee Service Portal
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Reporting
  • Risk Detection

Number of Free Agents: None

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $1,611

Free trial period: 30 days

SysAid is an automated IT help desk system where the tool relies heavily on a hands-free ticketing system. With a hands-free ticketing system, the helpdesk system faced certain drawbacks including being prone to errors while updating tickets, expensive to install and difficult configuration settings. SysAid has the mentioned features:

  • Self-Service
  • Automated Reporting
  • Ticket Automation
  • Workflows Automation
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • ITIL Package
Zoho Desk

Number of Free Agents: 3

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $40

Free trial period: 15 days

Zoho Desk is a business help desk software that offers omnichannel customer service software to reach out to communicate with ease. The help desk system has certain disadvantages including slow account setup, no asset management, weak user portal and lack of technical support. The features include:

  • Ticket Management
  • Self Service
  • Agent Productivity
  • Process Automation
  • Customization
  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
Salesforce Service Cloud

Number of Free Agents: None

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $150

Free trial period: 30 days

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM-based business helpdesk software. This service cloud tool has certain pitfalls and lacks important functions like weak search functionality, slow page load speed and slow user interface with frequent bugs. Salesforce Service Cloud has the following features:

  • Ticketing
  • Self-Service
  • AI Customer Service
  • Automation
  • Call Center Management
  • Reporting
Live Agent

Number of Free Agents: 3

Enterprise Pricing Plan: $49

Free trial period: 14 days

LiveAgent is a ticketing software that offers omnichannel help desk services working across all platforms into tickets. The software has certain pitfalls including a weak mobile user interface, expensive social media support and slow live chat. LiveAgent offers the following features:

  • Ticketing system
  • Live Chat
  • Call Center
  • Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Security
  • Integrations

Wrap Up

Finding suitable helpdesk software for businesses is crucial to ensure a smooth and effective helpdesk system for a reachable communication channel. With the existence of different IT resources available in the software market, businesses and customers want a fast-paced helpdesk tool for reachable communication. TIKTING has shown to be in the top 10 best help desk software for businesses where firms of different industries installed TIKTING as a hassle-free help desk system.

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