What Is Shared Inbox In Help Desk Software? Common Benefits And Importance

Help desk software has become an important and necessary part of an organization’s daily service operations. It is because every organization always has a dream, in fact, an aim before them to be more successful than its rivals. To achieve this aim, they have to use different approaches, trends, techniques, and tools. Help desk software is also one of them. And that’s why it is so important for organizations.

Sometimes, organizations cannot achieve the goals that they want from their investments in help desk software. The main reason for this problem is, choosing inappropriate help desk software. We are not saying that the help desk software they choose is the worst software; instead, we are saying that help desk software is not suitable for that organization. When you are searching for help desk software for your organization, you should keep one thing in mind; you are not searching for the best help desk software, but you are searching for the help desk software that is suitable for your organization.

Now, the question is, how can we determine which help desk software is suitable for our organization? The answer is you can find suitable software by determining the features you want. In this regard, it is important to determine the required features. How could you determine the features if you did not know which feature is more important and beneficial than others? We have written many articles about this topic in which we have discussed various features. In this article, we discussed the concept of shared inbox in help desk software. In this regard, we discussed its importance and benefits along with the concept. Before moving forward toward its importance and benefits, first, we should know its main concept. So, let’s move forward with it.

What Is Shared Inbox In Help Desk Software?

A collaborative email management tool called shared inbox software is made to assist teams in efficiently collaborating on customers’ and employees’ emails or their requests from any communication channel. For example, businesses direct their group email addresses, such as info@ or support@, into the shared inbox so that the entire team has a place to access and work together on client emails. For a great customer experience, they can assign emails, discuss them behind the scenes, and deliver high-quality answers more quickly.

The fundamental capabilities of products with shared Inboxes include the following:

Provide tools for organizations to make navigation easy.
Support giving specific users access to emails.
Give users the ability to automate workflows involving email responses.
Permit internal communication between users.
Create a collaborative space from the emails you’ve collected from one or more email accounts.

Importance And Benefits Of Shared Inbox

Shared inbox in help desk software is very important for organizations. It is because it could be more beneficial for organizations in a collective effort to provide service to the requesters. Following are some benefits and reasons why adding a shared inbox to the help desk feature wishlist is important.


Organizations face many problems, issues, and requests in their daily routine service operations. It’s nearly impossible for the service team to manage them without collaborating with one another. These collaborations may be of different types; maybe they collaborate on an issue about which they did not have enough knowledge, or in some issues, they have to collaborate with each other. Due to all these reasons, organizations have to buy a systematic approach for centralizing these collaborations. Moreover, it is also crucial for organizations to improve collective efforts to enhance the quality of service.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, a shared inbox becomes important for organizations. It is because, through a shared inbox, it became easier for the service team to collaborate. In other words, a shared inbox simplifies the collaboration process. When the collaboration process is simplified, the service quality improves automatically.


Wider usage of shared inboxes throughout organizations reflects that it must have some benefits due to those it has such a wider acceptance. It absolutely has many benefits, due to which it is important for organizations. Following are some of these benefits;

1. Rapid And Effective Services

A shared inbox ensures rapid and effective services to the end users. It can do so through effective collaborations. For example, if a technician does not know what to do in a certain condition, how could they solve the problem? If there is a systematic and centralized shared inbox, then he could easily resolve the issues by collaborating with his teammates or executives. In this way, shared inbox causes effective and rapid service operations within an organization.

2. Improved Collective Effort

Shared inboxes caused improved collective efforts within an organization. Now, the question is, how can it improve the collective effort, and which collective effort? As we mentioned above, sometimes service team members need to be jointly headed for some task. In other words, for some tasks, they have to work collectively. In this way, a shared inbox proves beneficial for organizations.

3. Performance Monitoring

Despite many other benefits, shared inbox in help desk software is also helpful for organizations in performance monitoring. In shared inboxes, organizations can add executives along with service team members so that they can monitor the individual and collective performance of members and the service team as a whole.

4. Enhanced Satisfaction Level Of Employees And Customers

A shared inbox in help desk software enhances the satisfaction level of customers and employees. It can enhance the customer’s satisfaction if it is used for the purpose of customer care service. It can do so by ensuring effective and rapid services through collective efforts. Shared inbox can enhance the employees’ satisfaction level in two ways. The first way is, if it is used in an internal helpdesk system, it can enhance employee satisfaction by ensuring effective and rapid services to them by simplifying the collaboration process. The second way is to enhance service team satisfaction by providing them with an efficient platform where they can exchange their ideas for providing effective services

5. Enhanced Productivity

Through all the above-mentioned means, a shared inbox in help desk software enhances the productivity of an organization. It is the benefit that organizations want from all of their investments and procedures. Shared inboxes can do so by different means. For example, efficient and rapid services led to more customer satisfaction, which caused a long-term relationship between customers with the organization. That resulted in enhanced productivity of the organization.


From all the above discussion, we learned that shared inbox in help desk software is very important and beneficial for organizations. It can not only benefit an organization in short-terms but also has the ability to benefit the organization in the long term. It helps organizations to be more productive than they were before adopting it. Moreover, it can not only satisfy the customers but could also be a factor of satisfaction for employees. Finally, it helps organizations to fulfill their long rending goal to be more successful than their rivals. Due to all the above-mentioned factors, it becomes important for organizations to use shared inboxes. So, we recommend you choose the help desk software that offers an efficient and systematic shared inbox. Using a shared inbox could lead your organization’s service operations to a new level of success and efficiency.

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