On Premises Vs Cloud Help Desk: Which One Is The Best?

In the current modern technological era, it becomes difficult for organizations to run their daily routine business without lags, harms, effects, and setbacks. These issues could become disastrous for an organization if they are not handled properly. A setback or an effect during any service operation is not a big deal, but if it is not handled properly, then it could be disastrous and cause several disruptions and interruptions in different daily service operations.

Due to these issues, organizations need to use systematic approaches, frameworks, or tools to handle these problems. Help desk software is also one of these solutions. It not only provides a systematic way for organizations to configure issues and their solutions but also helps them to communicate with their customers and employees in a systematic way to reach their concerns and difficulties. But here is another problem, it’s also difficult to choose an ideal help desk system due to the growing diversity in the help desk market. We have given several articles regarding this issue through which you can easily find the best help desk software.

Here, we have discussed another important issue regarding the deployment of the help desk system. It is also difficult for organizations to determine in which form they should deploy it. That’s why in this article, we have discussed whether it would be right to say On Premises vs cloud help desk or whether they are two similar forms of deployment. However, before discussing the similarities and differences between them, first, we should know their basic concepts. So, we should discuss their basic concepts first.

What Is On Premises Help Desk Software?

A help desk tool that can be deployed and installed on the host servers is called on-premise help desk software. It is intended for gathering, managing, and organizing internal and customer inquiries. It provides you with the infrastructure already in place. Simply install it and host it on your servers. With this kind of software, you have a great deal of flexibility and can configure many different things. It is possible to modify the current feature or add some new ones to it. Your data is all under your control and is safe. It is also called an On-site help desk software that streamlines operations in your business while saving you time and money.

What is Cloud Help Desk Software?

A cloud help desk software is generally like a help desk team organized by an organization to resolve issues and requests from customers and employees about a product or service with the help of modern technologies like using cloud-hosted software. Therefore, we can say it is a business software that allows your service team to resolve issues and requests of employees and customers by communicating with them across different channels using cloud-hosted software. In addition, it is simpler to provide contextual responses when support agents can track all of their conversations across various channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media, in one central location using cloud help desk software.

On Premises Vs Cloud Help Desk Software

We are sure that you have understood the basic concepts of On Premises and cloud help desk software. Now it’s time to turn to our main topic. When we say the term On Premises vs cloud help desk software, it means we are talking about the differences between these two concepts. So, the following are some differences between On Premises and cloud help desk.

1. Location
The main difference between On Premises and cloud is the difference between their location. On Premises help desk software can be deployed in your own organization’s infrastructure, whereas cloud help desk software can only be deployed on the vendor’s IT infrastructure.

2. Customization
In On Premises help desk software, you can easily add new features and could edit some existing features because it has been deployed in your own infrastructure. On the other hand, in cloud help desk software, you can not add or update features on your own. Instead, developers themselves update features, and if you want a new feature, then you need to request the developers.

3. Security
Developers have nothing to do with the software when they hand it over to you in the case of On Premises help desk software. You should take care of its security yourself; you can get assistance from developers, but its security belongs to you. In cloud help desk software, you do not need to worry about security issues. The developers themselves take care of it. They manage all things like installing security patches, updating the existing system, configuring security threats, etc.

4. Pricing
You have to pay an annual license fee for application if you have opted for On Premises help desk software. It sounds beautiful to buy software and then update it on your own to make it suitable to your requirements. In contrast, you need to pay a monthly fee in the case of cloud help desk software. This fee also increases as new updates, and new features are adjusted in it. Both pricing structures are reasonable and could work according to your organization’s structure.

On Premises And Cloud Help Desk Software

From all the above discussions, we learned that they are two different concepts. There are so many differences between them that they cannot work together. But there are several software that can deploy in both forms. Here keep one thing in mind, when we say that they can deploy in both forms, it does not mean that software is deployed in both forms simultaneously in infrastructure. But it meant that you could opt to deploy that software in any form that you wanted. Despite so many differences between them, there are also some similarities between these two. Following are some similarities between On Premises and cloud help desk.

1. Workload
Workloads always run within the system in the case of On Premises help desk software. It is because On Premises help desk software has been entirely deployed within the infrastructure of an organization. On the other hand, cloud help desk software is popular for providing extreme spaces for running workloads. But it could be only a temporary solution for organizations. They want their workloads within their system. It could be possible, but the question is how workloads could be in the system when software is not running within the system. The answer is by providing the On Premises environment to the cloud-based software; workloads can be run within the system.

2. Automation
Automation is another thing that is similar in both forms. It is because how could a help desk software pretend to be the best if it did not have automated features? So, that’s why we said that regardless of the deployment methodology, you should always select an automated featured help desk software.

3. Goals
When we looked at the goals of both forms, we learned that this is another point where both forms are similar. Goals of both forms of deployment are to provide a better experience to customers and employees of an organization. These are the basic goals of an ideal help desk software. So that’s why this is another common point between these two.

Which One Is The Best?

It is difficult to declare any one of these as the best or the worst. Both forms of deployment could be beneficial. The only thing that matters is the requirements and environment of an organization. You should always choose the deployment form of help desk software according to your organization’s nature, environment, and requirements. So, we can say that any form of deployment would be the best if it matches the requirements of your organization.


Concludingly, we can say that it would not be right to say on-premise vs cloud help desk software. Now, this statement would be wondering for you, and you think that is why we could say that despite the differences between them. The answer is yes, there are many differences between On Premises and cloud help desk software, but they are not two opposing concepts and never had a competition between them. Organizations always select them according to their own requirements. In this regard, we cannot say that they are in any competition. That’s why we stated the above-mentioned remarks. We recommend you choose the deployment form according to the requirements of your organization. We hope that it will be really helpful for you.

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