5 Ways To Ruin Your Service Management With Your Own Hands

Service management is the most important aspect of organizations these days. It is because services have been directly interlinked with the overall performance and productivity of an organization. And these are the things about which organizations are highly concerned and make an effort to improve performance and productivity in their daily routine operations. Due to this importance and relationship, organizations always want a better service management practice. It is a common and usual desire but organizations have to face many challenges and issues to fulfill that desire. It is because today’s modern era has produced many issues and challenges for organizations.

No doubt there are many tools, trends, techniques, or ways to solve these problems but the issues and their solutions are so many that it becomes difficult for organizations to select the suitable one. Choosing the suitable one is beneficial, but if you have chosen the wrong solution or way, then it could be disastrous. Moreover, inappropriately addressed issues could also be disastrous. It could be intentional or unintentional, but in both ways, it always resulted in a disaster.

That’s why you should always not only take care of appropriate ways, but you should also be aware of the upcoming or present challenges and issues that may change in a disaster if they are not addressed properly. We have discussed the ways to choose the suitable methodology, tool, trend, technique, or way to improve service management in our many previous articles. We have also discussed the ideal or the best practices to manage the services. But the thing that we haven’t discussed yet are the wrong ways, moves, or techniques that could ruin your whole previous development in service management.

These ways, moves, or techniques could be intentional or unintentional, but you should avoid them because when you’re going the wrong way, it means you are going to ruin your service management with your own hands. Realizing the importance of this topic, in this article, we have discussed five common ways to ruin your service management with your own hands. It is important for you to know so that you can prevent these wrong ways. That’s why we strongly hope that it will be really helpful for you to improve the overall performance and productivity of your organization. But before going into depth-first, you should know the basic concept of service management. So, let’s start with our main topic.

What Is Service Management?

The standardized, quantitative, and subjectively measurable services provided by Service Management will benefit your company’s success. Creating governance systems for applications, processes, resources, and infrastructures with the objective of taking a proactive and strategic approach is one of the goals of this endeavor. Within the context of this model, information technology fulfills the role of an intermediary in the provision of services and of a significant actor in defining and promoting the organization’s expansion. The term “service management” refers to the collection of organizational responsibilities and actions carried out to deliver a high-quality service to end users and consumers. This definition adequately conveys the fundamental nature of service management.

Ways To Ruin Your Service Management With Your Own Hands

We strongly hope that you will have got a better understanding of the concept after overviewing the above definition. Now we would turn towards our main topic. Following are the five ways through which you can ruin your service management with your own hands.

1. Don’t Ever Try To Turn Towards Automation

If you want to ruin your service management, never try turning it towards automation; always try to run it manually. It is because, In today’s modern era, automation is the key to success in each and every field of an organization. It simply turns the looks of an organization. It is also compatible with all fields, but normally in the service management field, it gives its best. That’s why you don’t ever think of turning towards automation if you want to ruin your service management.

2. Don’t Give Importance To Your Employees

It is a common saying that you give importance to your employees instead of customers; in return, they will take care of your customers on their own. If we look into that saying, there’s a hidden message in it. That message is to give proper importance to your employees because they could lead your organization to improvement and development. That’s why if you want to ruin the whole previous development in the service management field, then you should stop giving importance to your employees, especially to those employees who are part of or linked with the service team

3. Provide Less Knowledge As Much As Possible

Another way to destroy the whole previous development is to provide as less knowledge as possible. Now, the question is coming to your mind; which kind of knowledge and to whom? We are talking about the knowledge related to the daily routine issues that would be provided to employees and customers so that they can tackle the daily routine issues and incidents in a better way on their own. Sufficient knowledge proves as the base of an effective service management practice. That’s why you should not provide so much knowledge to your employees and customers about the daily routine issues so that you could better ruin the previous development.

4. Don’t Make Pre-Planned Mechanisms; Just Implement

There are always well-calculated and pre-planned mechanisms behind a successful organization. For example, organizations have to make several changes and updates in service management manuals or mechanisms. We all know that changes could also be harmful as they are beneficial. That’s why we always try to plan it well before implementing it. We do so because the percentage of success of planned changes is much more than unplanned changes. Like change processes, we also used to plan well all the processes before their implementation. That’s why we can say that pre-planned mechanisms are a core factor to be more developed. In this way, ruining the service management is not such a difficult task. You can lose all the development by just implementing unplanned processes.

5. Don’t Try To Establish A Centralized Mechanism

We have often witnessed that centralized and organized management mechanisms are always more successful than unplanned and less organized mechanisms. It is because it is easier to manage the daily routine service operations through a centralized mechanism. That’s why we can say that a centralized service management mechanism is the core objective of a successful organization. In this way, you can easily degrade your service department by not adopting a centralized mechanism. In that way, you can easily ruin your service management with your own hands.


We started the discussion with the point of discussing the common ways through which you can ruin your service management with your own hands. It’s an unusual and wondering topic because no one wants to ruin his own development, and we also better know that fact. Ruining is a far cry; organizations don’t even want to slow up their development speed. Then why did we choose that topic? We choose this topic to make you alert about these wrong ways and moves. It is because these five wrong ways could not only harm but ruin the whole service management. That’s why they are dangerous for your organization. We have chosen such a tone because we think that the word ‘ruin’ will make you alert about these ways whenever you deal with them in your daily routine service operations.

Now, the question is, what could be the solution? Or how could we prevent these wrong ways? According to our observation and experience, choosing the best help desk software could be the best solution to all of these problems. For example, we talked about automation which is the core objective of any help desk software; we also discussed change processes as an example of a systematic mechanism that is also offered by the many help desk systems. And we talked about a centralized service management mechanism which is the basic thing that a help desk ticketing system offers.

Moreover, we also discussed the consequences of less knowledge and giving less importance to employees. Help desk software provides knowledge to customers in the form of self-service portals, and to employees, in the shape of a knowledge base. It also gives importance to employees in the form of internal help desk software and reduces workload from them, even if it is for external purposes. In this way, it can reduce the danger of these wrong moves or ways. It could also improve your service management field in many other ways. That’s why you must use a help desk ticketing system if you want your organization to be successful.

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