Why Do Organizations Need To Use ESM?

Enterprise service management could simply be said as an extension of ITSM. We said it because ESM borrows ITSM capabilities and principles for business-oriented processes to improve its service, performance, and outcomes. ITSM only refers to delivering services to IT support teams, but ESM provides services to business teams in wider ranges. In fact, ITSM covers the technical or specialized processes, whereas ESM covers the non-technical business-oriented processes. Forrester defines enterprise service management (ESM) as,

“Extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases; managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.”

After learning the basic concept of ESM, a reasonable question came to mind; If ESM is an extension of ITSM, then why could we not use ITSM instead of ESM too? Using one concept for both purposes sounds perfect, but it could be disastrous. There are many circumstances and requirements due to which an organization has to use ESM. In this article, we will briefly overview the circumstances or requirements for which organizations need to use ESM. We hope that, due to our effort, you will be able to know why an organization has to use enterprise service management software.

Reasons Due To Which Organizations Need To Use ESM

Organizations have to face many challenges and circumstances in their daily routine business. These challenges and circumstances might become disastrous if they are not appropriately handled. Moreover, well-planned encounters with these circumstances and challenges could also be more beneficial for organizations. There are many tools, trends, approaches, frameworks, and techniques to encounter them. Enterprise service management is one of them. Organizations need to use ESM for the following reasons;

Need To Stay Up To Date

Due to the invention of more and more advanced technologies, tools, techniques, and trends, the market’s standard atmosphere has become more dynamic and continuously changing. It’s challenging but an important task for organizations to stay up to date according to the current market requirements. It is because it’s crucial for a company to stay updated to compete with its rivals. It can also lead to a more efficient way to success. ESM is a way for organizations to stay updated on the current, abolished, and coming trends of the market. That’s why organizations need to use ESM to stay up to date.

Digital Transformation

It has become difficult for enterprises to survive without transforming themselves to digitalization in the current digital era. Digitalization could be beneficial if its transformation process is well-planned, but it could be harmful if implemented without planning or with poor planning. Enterprises should use well-planned mechanisms like ESM to walk towards digitalization. ESM is pivotal for enterprises for digital transformation. Enterprise service management ensures smooth, efficient, rapid, beneficial, and risk-free digital transformation for enterprises. Due to this, organizations must need ESM to transform themselves towards digitalization.

Rising Expectations Of Employees And Customers

In today’s advanced technological period, nearly all aspects of an organization need improvements. Like other aspects, employees also expect their employee management service from their organization to a better way. They want a distributed, remote, well-planned service where they don’t need to stand in queues and write applications manually. There are many other aspects also in which employees expect constant improvement from organizations. If the organization does not consider their expectations, their satisfaction level decreases, and they cannot serve the organization better from the core of their heart. The satisfied employee could do his duty in a better way. That’s why a company has to think about the expectations of employees.

Customers also have the same level of expectations. They expect organizations to be more conscious of making their customer care services. A complicated customer care service or other processes like product delivery can make hesitant customers build up a long relationship with your company. That’s why the satisfaction of customers is the most important thing for an organization. ESM ensures a perfect way to meet the expectations of employees and customers. That’s why organizations need to use ESM.

Constant Need For Improvement

Due to continuous changes, there is a constant need for improvement in an organizational structure. Without making changes, organizations could not improve their organizational structures without bringing new changes in their infrastructures and operation mechanisms. That’s why changes are very important for an organization. Despite its importance, that’s an arduous task to keep balanced the changes and performance. We said this because some changes can harm your performance and improvement process if they are not chosen wisely and are poorly planned.

The solution to this arduous task is ESM. Enterprise service management causes smooth and constant improvement in an organizational structure. It reduces workloads and errors and causes a more efficient service delivery. The most important thing is it ensures a smooth, well-planned, efficient, meaningful, and risk-free change management process for organizations. That’s why an organization needs ESM to bring more changes and improvements in its service delivery operations.

Desire To Provide Better User Experience

It is a common desire of organizations to provide a better user experience. It is a reasonable and important desire because a better user experience is important in developing an organization. There are many hurdles in this way for an organization. These hurdles are defined in our other articles. There are also many solutions to these problems, and ESM is one of these solutions. It can help organizations to provide a better user experience to their service users.

Unexpected Circumstances

Sometimes, organizations have to face some kind of unexpected circumstances. These circumstances, issues, or incidents could be disastrous for an organization if they remain unaccountable. That’s why they demand rapid solutions for the sake of the organization’s benefit. They are unexpected, which is why tackling them becomes problematic. ESM could make it easier through its predefined steps, processes, and responsibilities. Due to this efficient and predefined planning, organizations need to use ESM to encounter these unexpected circumstances.

Desire To Lead In Competition

It is the desire of every organization to lead in the competition and becomes one of the market leaders. This desire is because a market leader has more opportunities to develop its business than a standard organization. It is difficult to become a market leader due to the intense competition between organizations. ESM could improve an organization’s performance in competition if implemented perfectly. For example, if you have chosen the best ESM tool that meets the requirements of your organization, it means you have made the first step towards a perfect ESM. A perfect ESM could absolutely make your organization a market leader.


By overviewing the factors, reasons, circumstances, and incidents due to which organizations need to use ESM, We learned that ESM is very important for organizations in their daily routine. We said it is one of the keys to success that can open new doors of digitalization and modernization for an organization. It can take an organization to new heights of success. That’s why organizations must use ESM to get better performance and better results in their service operations. Sometimes organizations could not get the real benefits and expected results despite implementing ESM. It is because they did not implement it perfectly according to the suitable way for their organization. That’s why an organization needs to implement ESM appropriately.

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