What Is The Importance And Benefits Of ESM?

Enterprise service management is commonly known as ESM. It could be simply said as an expansion of ITSM ideas. ESM uses ITSM capabilities, concepts, processes, and principles in business-oriented processes to improve its service, performance, and outcomes. ITSM primarily relates to IT fields, but ESM provides services in business-oriented fields and processes in wider ranges. Forrester defines enterprise service management (ESM) as,

“Extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases; managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.”

ESM is a very important and beneficial concept that can take an organization to the next level of success. It can provide organizations more beneficial, efficient, and risk-free smooth service operations. In this article, we will briefly overview the importance and benefits of ESM. We will also learn how it could be more beneficial for organizations. So, let’s start with our main topic.

Importance And Benefits Of ESM

Due to the current dynamic era of digitalization, ESM has become an integral part of a Standardized organizational infrastructure. It leads an organization to the way of success. In order to explain the importance and benefits of ESM more efficiently, it would be best if we explain them in separate headings. So, before moving forward toward benefits, we should first know ESM’s importance.

Importance Of ESM

ESM is also very important in the current era, and its importance is also increasing for the organization with the passage of time. It seems that it will definitely gain the central position in the organization’s standardized operational business-oriented structure. Following are some factors due to which it is so important.

Organization’s Desire For Digitalization

It is more important for an organization to be more digitalized according to the needs of the current scenario. Digitalization could ensure a more efficient way to the success of an organization. In other words, digitalization is the key to success for an organization. Let’s suppose for a minute that this is a reality and that digitalization is a way to success for organizations; now, another question arises how an organization could transform itself towards digitalization? The answer is; there are many ways for this transformation.

ESM is one of the best ways for digital transformation. The key point of its importance is that it is the most efficient way for this purpose. Its predefined automatic processes provide a more efficient and smooth way for organizations to be more digitalized.

Intense Competition Between Organizations

There is always intense competition between organizations. Due to this intense competition, organizations have to discover new ways of success. Sometimes they need to use a technique or tool just because their rival used it. Due to this, a fear produces that another organization would come forward in that competition. Due to this fear, they adopted that technique or tool, and as a result, it became the market trend. If that trend is useful, it remains for a long time in the market; otherwise, it is replaced with other trends.

ESM has also become a market trend these days. Due to its more benefits and a wider playing field, it seems that it will gain more space instead of replacing it. We said this because it is becoming more and more important for the organization with the passage of time. Its main cause is the intense competition between the organizations. In search of new ways, they found ESM useful and adopted it; in response, their rivals had to do this.

Rising Expectation Of Employees And Customers

In today’s digital transformation period, nearly all aspects of an organization need improvements. The ideal organizations realize it and try to make their organization better. Like other aspects, employees and customers also expect from an organization. For example, employees expect a better employee management service from their organization. They want a distributed, meaningful, remote, efficient, well-planned, and timely service where they don’t need to stand in queues and write applications manually. If the organization does not consider their expectations, their satisfaction level decreases, and they cannot serve the organization better from the core of their heart. The satisfied employee could do his duty in a better way.

The same principle also applies in the wake of customers. They also want more improved services from an organization. That’s why a company has to think about the expectations of employees and customers. To meet the extended expectations of employees and customers, an enterprise must have ESM.

Post ITILv4 Situation

ESM was important before ITILv4 as well, but ITILv4 doubled its importance. It is because, before this update, ESM was not dealing with a separate framework, but it was dealt with based on the standard principles provided by the software providers. ITILv4 does not even provide a separate framework for it, but it provides a base for it. It seems that ESM will also be dealt with as a separate framework in the near future.

Benefits Of ESM

It’s common to understand that if ESM is so important, it must have some benefits for organizations. Absolutely, it has many benefits for organizations that implement it perfectly. Following are some of the benefits of ESM for organizations.

Smooth And Meaningful Transformation

One of the most crucial benefits of the ESM is that it provides a way for organizations’ smooth and meaningful transformation to digitalization. It can do so through its automatic and AI-rich predefined processes. Digitalization is the most important process for an organization to walk toward success. That’s why it’s a keen benefit of ESM.

Reduces Operational Costs

Due to its automatic workflows, it eliminates the need for excessive hiring. Moreover, its predefined processes, rapid responses, and configuration processes also cause more returns for an organization. That’s why it not only reduces operational costs but also increases the returns for an organization.

Reduce Workloads

ESM helps an organization reduce the workload of its staff. As we stated before that, ESM has automatic, predefined processes and features; these features cause a reduction in workload. Reduced workload not only causes an increase in employee satisfaction but also causes a better performance of the service team, which leads to a better user experience.

Efficient And Rapid Responses

ESM, due to its automatic features, causes efficient & rapid responses. These rapid responses not only save time but cause more satisfaction to the service seekers, who could be beneficial for the organization in the long term.

For example, a customer has some problem with some of your products. He registered his complaint on your customer care service, and there he got an efficient and rapid response which caused more satisfaction and delight to him about your service operation. Due to this satisfaction, a trust level built up between your organization and him. This trust level will force him to build a long-term relationship with your organization.


Through all the above discussion, we learned that ESM is a very important and beneficial concept for organizations. It’s true that if a market trend is not so beneficial, then it could be replaced with some other. But if we look at the present importance and benefits of ESM, we could fearlessly say that it is going to dominate all market trends in the long term. In this regard, we can say that the best ESM software could take your organization to new heights of success.

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