Ways To Implement Agile Mindset: A Brief view On Agile Frameworks

Agile is a mindset that provides guidelines for organizations to make their service operations. Unlike ITIL, agile did not provide a complete guide to follow step by step. It just provides some guiding principles. Now the question is, How could we implement its principles practically? The answer is, through its principles, agile provides a base for approaches and frameworks. It could be implemented through these agile frameworks, built based on an agile mindset.

There are many frameworks built on the basis of an agile mindset. In this article, we will provide you with a list of different agile frameworks. There is no best or worst framework. But it is the condition of your organization that matters. The framework you think is the worst option might be working successfully in another organization.

Agile Frameworks:

There are many different frameworks according to the agile mindset. The best framework for you is one that matches the requirements of your organization the most. It is because of the different features of these frameworks. Following are some different Agile frameworks.


Scrum is the most well-known agile framework. It deals with the process by dividing it into small parts called sprints. It deals with only one sprint at a time to make the process easier. Sprints are usually divided according to the time frame. A sprint is usually two or three weeks long. According to the scrum guide, “ Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.”


Kanban originated from the Japanese language. The word kanban means a signboard or visual board. The roots of this framework lie even before the Agile manifesto. It was primarily introduced as a lean manufacturing system. After the origination of Agile methodology, it gradually became a framework for Agile software development. This framework uses visual elements for management. Work items are usually displayed as cards on the kanban board.


Lean is not just a framework but includes many other managerial features. It is an abbreviation of the term lean manufacturing, it was a technique used by Japanese developers in the 20th century. It means the history of lean is more ancient than Agile because the agile manifesto originated in 2001. The primary concepts of lean manufacturing are;

  • Identifying value
  • Creating a continuous workflow
  • Creating a pull system
  • Value stream mapping
  • Continuous improvement
  • All of these features were later merged into one of the agile frameworks called lean software development.



Extreme programming is commonly known as XP. It is one of the most popular frameworks. Both developers and customers enjoy a high degree of participation in this framework. Customers could suggest what should be included in the next update, and developers update the software according to the customer’s desires.


Crystal is not just a framework but a group of small frameworks. These frameworks are as follows;

  • Crystal Red
  • Crystal Yellow
  • Crystal Orange
  • Crystal Clear


These frameworks are divided on the basis of team members. For example, crystal red is made for 20 to 50 team members, crystal yellow is suitable for 10 to 20 member teams, crystal orange is best for teams up to 50-1000 person teams, and crystal clear is made for teams containing 10 members. All these frameworks have their own different concepts and principles.


The dynamic systems development method is commonly known as DSDM. It was created in a scenario when the whole software industry needed a comprehensive Agile framework that could help in rapid software development. It is an agile method that focuses on an entire project lifecycle. Like scrum, DSDM also uses the concept of sprints to run the processes of software development or project management.


FDD is the abbreviation of feature-driven development. This agile framework tries to develop an overall model of software. It is literally planned, designed, and built by features. It has much harder documentation than XP, which is excellent for a team with more capabilities.


Scrumban is a hybrid form of scrum and kanban. It gives a mixture of significant concepts of scrum and kanban. It is suitable for the teams which are looking for both scrum and kanban features on one platform.


There are many agile frameworks, but we have given you a list of the 8 best and most commonly known Agile frameworks. These frameworks are the best options for the implementation of the agile mindset. There is no question of the best or the worst. All of these things vary depending on the requirements of your organization. You can choose other than these frameworks if you find no framework from this list is matching with your requirements. But it is very important to be agile in the modern period, so you must choose software that is developed through some Agile framework.

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