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Blazing Fast Help Desk Management System

Automate support tasks

Automate technician workflows and resolve routine questions. No more mundane routines. Quick clicks of buttons change the priority, category, and severity level of the Ticket.

It automates support tasks which encourages an all-inclusive.

team effort but also how every second is utilized so each minute is spent solving problems not solving the software.

Accountability, Teamwork, and

Incite teamwork and group effort to deal with issues faster. Swiftly involve team members for tasks straight inside tickets that retain visibility and deliver consistent help desk experience.

It enforces a culture of top-down accountability process where performance is directly related to the combined team effort and inversely proportional to the difficulty of the problem so management can focus on identifying real causes and away from productivity skepticism.

Internal chat server makes it ever so instantaneous for team members to chat over the issue without having to leave the page without having to compromise on corporate privacy and data retention policies shifting critical data to other vendors’ chat servers.

Increased productivity

Evaluate reports, realize your potential and improve decisions.

Assess your team and system performance and discover patterns. Use data to your and your customer’s advantage. Flip through Tikting reports or export exhaustive data to get an overview of your current results and historical data.

A very comprehensive reporting section ensures that management is looking at the bigger picture, exploring glitches in the system, understanding the types of support requests generated, and taking leading measures to increase productivity.

Resilient Support Tickets and

Our inbuilt technician collision avoidance resiliency ensures that no accident can occur where one ticket is assigned to many.

An in-depth ticket history incorporated inside the ticket view helps track the support ticket from its creation to resolution. A feedback system allows the clients to rate the tickets.

Dynamically Defined Timeframes and Predefined Response Templates

Timeframes are dynamically defined and customizable to your scenario. Extensive event-driven routines can be customized to your work routines.

Corporate Architecture – Built-in Security

Tikting is made specifically with Large businesses kept in mind.

The combination of grade 3 redundant database architecture with special tunings done to the web servers which carry its load can guarantee very high uptime with loads running concurrently on thousands of nodes simultaneously without any effort.

Our high availability architecture provisions that all your valuable data is properly load-balanced. Furthermore, it can make use of any kind of deployment, on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-native.

Use your custom corporate SSLs for secure authentication.

IP and Network Restrictions can help you whitelist IP ranges that can access Tikting, restrict login access outside of work or create secure and exclusive access for Technicians to login from anywhere by linking IP whitelisting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Make it fast for people to work collaboratively and provide speedy responses to clients. Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right technicians and deliver the Next Gen experience.

Tikting is designed from scratch with modern workplaces kept in mind. Countless hours are spent on how each aspect of the software and every element of a feature add value to your corporate value chain.