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Define Deadlines with SLA, then meet them halfway.

Defining SLA

An SLA or Service Level Agreement indicates the minimum expectations for service delivery. SLA establishes objectives with which performance is measured. It sets a commitment to the end-user about deadlines.

Integrated Escalations

Working with several hundred tickets a day can make management impossible. SLA management provides tools where timely solutions help distribute concurrent loads.

Business or calendar hours can be customized, and easily set up escalations and automatic reminders.

SLA analytics provide real-time service time statistics to match deliverables. This can help teams to identify glitches in team workflows spanning many variables. Advanced automation provides for prioritizing tickets, automating deadlines, and setting reminders for technicians.

Advantages of SLA

Observe Operations
SLAs set expected response and resolution times. It standardizes the team performance over a set of achievable metrics.

Intelligent SLA Strategies
You can deploy different SLA strategies for different tickets depending on the severity of the problem, tier Level, or priority. A clock timer starts to tick letting team members know when it is expected of them to solve the problem.

Enforce SLA to gain confidence of end-users
Tikting includes intuitive views of tickets, Technicians can update SLAs, team members delegated to help team meet SLAs can be notified in advance about a possible breach and share their experience to help meet customer’s high expectations.

Apply your SLA policy
SLA Integration includes pre-built tools to define hierarchies in your support teams. SLA workflow provides for automation will notify senior team members to get advance notices if a breach is imminent, automatically assigns ticket to other technicians or have administrators jump in to make sure response and resolution times are met within timeframes.

Real time Reporting
Tikting encourages team work. Performance measurement can be based on several key indicators depending on your chosen variables. These include Ticket types, priority and tiers. This can be viewed quickly in a summarized form via Dashboard.

Advantages of SLA