What Is The Concept Of Governance In ITIL Service Value System?

Governance is very important in an organization’s daily routine business. Good governance in organizations causes more success and benefits to them. According to Joseph Mathenge, “Governance refers to the means by which an organization is directed and controlled. In service management, governance defines the common directions, policies, and rules that the organization uses to deliver and maintain its services.“

Like other fields and aspects of organizations, ITIL also focuses on an organization’s governance. It provides a complete mechanism for organizations to formulate their governance manual. It provides different roles and procedures in this regard. In this article, we have discussed that what is the concept of governance in ITIL service value system. We hope you will improve your organization’s governance through these guidelines. So, let’s move forward with our main topic.

Concept Of Governance In ITIL

ITIL provides a complete governance model to organizations. This governance model specifically focuses on the check and balance system. ITIL provides the complete mechanism and roles to the organization for its governance formulation. These ITIL-provided roles and procedures are as follows;

ITIL Governance Roles

ITIL recommends that all organizations, regardless of their size and type, should get direction from a governing body. This governing body should be responsible and accountable for its policies and initiatives/. This governing body should be comprised of the following roles;

Board Of Directors

ITIL recommends that there should be a board of directors. The responsibility of this board of directors is that they examine and approve the requests from the lower level. They could formulate policies themselves without addressing any request. This board of directors consists of 5-10 highly experienced experts.

Regulatory Body

After formulating the policies, the board of directors forwards them to the regulatory bodies of the concerned departments. These regulatory bodies again oversee these policies and recommend the changes in these policies to the board of directors.

Management Team

When the regulatory body finds that the policy forwarded by the board of directors is perfect or the board of directors rejects the changes suggested by the regulatory body, then the regulatory body forwards that policy to the management team. This team is responsible for the implementation and management of that policy.

ITIL Governance Procedures

ITIL not only provides roles but also provides some procedures and activities for organizations to formulate their governance manual. Following are some of these ITIL governance procedures and activities;


Evaluating the company’s strategy, portfolios, and relationships with outside parties. The governing body regularly assesses the organization in response to changing stakeholder needs and external conditions.


Directing involves the creation and assignment of tasks to the concerned fields. It is the duty of the board of directors. It examines, formulates, and approves the policies and assigns them to the concerned departments.


A regulatory body has controlled a directed task; this body further examines whether it is ready for implementation or not. After this further check, the task becomes ready to execute.


Executing involves the implementation of that policy by the management team. In some cases, the management team does not execute a policy themselves, but they only monitor its deployment.


In large or mid-sized organizations, it is challenging for the management team to execute each and every change, so they only monitor its execution. It is important to monitor the executing policies because, with monitoring, desired results can be obtained.


The executive management team not only monitors but helps the executors communicate with other departments and higher authorities so that the execution process can run smoothly and effectively. Organizations need to develop a well-defined communication mechanism because poor communication could result in a failure to obtain the desired results.

Guiding Principles

The board of directors takes care of whether the implementation process has been running on the basis of ITIL-provided guidelines or not. It is important because how ITIL provided structure could help you if your daily routine tasks are not running in accordance with the ITIL-provided guiding principles.


In this article, we have discussed that what is the concept of governance in ITIL. We have discussed all the roles, procedures, and activities in detail so that we can understand them better. As a result, from all the above discussion, we learned that it is crucial for organizations to use ITIL provided governance model because it can take up your organizations to new heights of success. Now, the question is how it can do so. The answer is ITIL governance mechanism has been formulated through several experiments and experiences, so it is an ideal governance manual. That’s why we should use ITIL provided governance manual.

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