Why Do Organizations Need Live Chat In Help Desk Software?

Due to the intense competition between organizations, it becomes difficult for an organization to remain static. They have to change themselves to make them up to date according to the changing requirements of the current environment. Despite the competition, it is too important for organizations to adopt new innovations. It is because modern technologies have raised modern problems that could only be solved through modern solutions. That’s why organizations have to change themselves and should adopt new innovations in their organizational structures. It could be disastrous if an organization tries tackling a problem using years-old solutions. These changes are so frequent that you have to change your whole organizational structure. Sometimes, issues can be solved by changing, excluding, or adding some new tool, technique, or trend.


Help desk software is one of these innovations that frequently comes and dominates the whole organizational structure. If we go back some years back, there was no concept of help desk software in organizations. From its beginning till now, there are many things that were changed, but some features remain in line. Live chat is one of the enlightened examples that remains present in help desks in some form. Some software developers do not give so much importance to live chat, but many help desk software has live chat features somewhere in their software, like technician to technician or technician to the user. In this article, we have overviewed what are the circumstances due to which organizations always need a live chat in help desk software. Before going forward toward the main topic, first, we should know what live chat is and what its purpose is in help desk software. So, firstly, we need to discuss its main concept.

What Is Live Chat?

If we talk about the common meaning of live chat, it refers to any kind of communication through text messages between sender and receiver, with or without the internet. It is real-time communication between the sender and receiver. In business terms, live chat is a medium to provide customers with information about a business’s products and services. And finally, when we talk about live chat from the help desk software perspective, we learn that it is a feature that offers real-time communication between technician to technician, technician to executive or technician to requester.


Software developers include it according to their choice and according to consumers’ requirements. For example, some software includes only technician to technician live chat; some include technician to executive live chat, some include technician to user live chat, and some use both or two of these. We are not saying that help desk software could not be the best without live chat, but we are trying to say that many help desk software has included live chat in some form.

Need Of Live Chat In Help Desk Software

As we mentioned above, live chat is one of those features that remains present from the beginning of help desk software till now. Furthermore, we also stated that many help desk software has the feature of live chat in some form. These statements reflect that along with other factors, demand for live chat features by organizations must be a factor due to which it is alive till now. That’s why we have tried to explore what is the need for a live chat in help desk software. Following are some reasons why live chat is needed in help desk software. To give you a better understanding, we have divided these reasons into three parts that we have discussed in the upward section of the article.

1. Technician To Technician Live Chat

Technician to technician live chat refers to the live chat between two service agents from the service team of the organization that is using help desk software. The following are the reasons why organizations need technician to technician live chat in help desk software.

Improvement Of Service Level

The main reason why organizations need it is the improvement of service level. It can improve it by providing a way for technicians to connect with other technicians frequently, even if they are not sitting beside each other. Through this way of communication, technicians can get help from other technicians to get information about the issues which they have struck. Due to the immediate help, technicians could not only improve their service delivery speed but also improve their service efficiency level, resulting in the improvement of the service level of an organization.

Improved Collective Effort

In some conditions, the collective effort of the whole service team or two or more technicians is required. For this purpose, a live chat feature is the best way. Of course, this live chat could take place in a shared or private inbox, but in all forms, it resulted in an improvement in the collective effort of service delivery.

Reduced Workload

Technician to technician live chat also causes a reduction in workload. We are sure that you are wondering about how it can do so. It can do so in various ways; one is by helping one another; technicians rapidly conclude the requests and reduce their workload from them. Moreover, in case a technician is getting several requests about the same issue, then he can inform the other technicians through informing them about that issue so that they can rapidly conclude these problems.

For example, let’s suppose in some coffee shop, a coffee machine ran out of operation and needed replacement or repair. A support agent receives several requests about that and orders its replacement. Now, he could inform other agents about the problem and the solution that he has ordered for the machine, so they do not order it again and again. In this way, he can reduce the workload through technician to technician live chat in help desk software.

Technician To Executive Live Chat

Technician to executive live chat refers to real-time communication through help desk software between the service agent and the executive of the organization that is using help desk software. Following are some reasons why an organization needs technicians to executive live chat in help desk software.

Better Incident Management

Critical incidents within an organization always need timely solutions. If they are not appropriately addressed, then they may bring a disaster along with them. The only way to handle them properly is to configure them timely. Live chat between technicians and executives could play a crucial role in this regard. For example, let’s suppose during his daily routine service operations, a service agent identifies some unusual failure or problem in some process of organization that could turn into a disaster. In that case, he could immediately inform the executives about that problem if he has the facility of live chat with executives.

Improved Satisfaction Level Of Technicians And End-Users

The Service technicians are the persons who are directly connected with the employees and customers. They can better guide executives about the feedback of requesters about service and their own feedback. In this way, executives can better know what to include in service operations and what to exclude. It could be easier to do so through live chat between technicians and executives. Moreover, it causes improvement in the satisfaction level of both technicians and end-users when they witness their feedback included in service operations in practical form. It is also a matter of satisfaction for the technicians that they have connected with their executives directly. That’s why organizations need a technician to executive live chat in help desk software so that they could be able to improve the satisfaction level of technicians and requesters.

3. Technician To User Live Chat

Technician to user live chat refers to real-time communication between a service agent and an end-user of an organization through help desk software. Following are some reasons why organizations need technicians to use the live chat in help desk software.

Better Understanding Of The Request

Sometimes the requester gives such a complex request that it becomes difficult for the service agent to understand the real issue. He could also never ask the requester for the information again and again. It is an annoying situation for both the requester and the service agent. This problem could be easily solved if technician to user live chat is available in help desk software. Through it, the technician could ask for all required information in a one-time chat.

Rapid Service Delivery

Technician to user live chat enables service agents to understand and solve the problem easily and frequently. Through this way, technician to user live chat makes the service delivery more rapid than it was before.


We had started the discussion with the point that live chat is a feature that is always included in help desk software by developers somewhere or in some form from the beginning of the help desk software journey till now. Due to its constant presence, it reflects that it must have some benefits due to which developers prefer it. Through all the above discussion, we learned that there are many benefits and comforts due to which organizations demand live chat in help desk software. However, despite the benefits and comforts, there are also disadvantages that occur due to the absence of live chat. That’s why due to the constant demand for a live chat feature, it is constantly adding in help desk software.

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