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Technology is bringing innovations to industries and businesses. Companies need to adopt these dynamic changes. It is because doing business is like an all-out competition. If you are leading this competition, you are the market leader. If you want to make your business static and do not walk with the market innovations, it will be difficult for you to run your business successfully.

The IT industry is the most innovative and dynamic if we compare it with others. New trends and techniques are introduced every coming day. With the growing size of the IT industry, IT service management (ITSM) has become an important factor. Before going into details, we need to know what ITSM is. This article provides complete information about IT Service Management, Challenges to ITSM, and their solutions.

What Is IT Service Management?

IT service management is commonly said as ITSM. It refers to how IT teams provide services to clients and employees. It includes all the processes for designing, creating, and implementing an ITSM mechanism. ITSM includes the concept that IT should be implemented as a service. Due to the increasing size of the IT industry, interactions are also increasing. It includes interactions from clients with an IT firm, employees to customers, and their executives. These increasing interactions and requests demand an extraordinary service management system.

People commonly mistake IT service management for IT support during their day-to-day interactions with the IT industry. Yes, it is also an IT support but has more comprehensive ranges. It includes nearly everything happening in a workplace, i.e., connecting servers, cloud backup, employee support, project management, performance monitoring, and client support services.

It is crucial for a company’s success to implement technology in its daily routine. Choosing ITSM software could be a better way to do that. It could make your work easier. Now, the question arises, why do we need IT Service Management software? To answer this question, we have provided some common challenges that a company faces in IT service management.


As mentioned above, ITSM means how IT teams deliver IT services to clients and employees. In comparison, ITIL refers to the most accepted approach to ITSM. ITIL stands for information technology infrastructure library that aligns IT services with business requirements. It guides IT teams on how they can serve. It provides a flexible approach to tackling teamwork. ITIL is taken as rules more than guidance by the organizations. ITIL 4 is the latest update to ITIL standards.

The Importance of ITSM:

ITSM is more important for organizations to compete with their rivals. No organization could remain static in today’s modern technology period. There is always a need for continuous changes. Moreover, technology causes an increase in the expectations of employees and clients of the organization. Meet their expectations more effectively, and it is essential to use ITSM. It also provides a smooth way to digital transformation despite its other benefits.

ITSM Processes:

IT service management includes several processes. Being IT service management, technology is an integral part of ITSM processes but not the primary and fundamental part.
ITSM includes more expansion and encompasses IT objectives in addition to business objectives. It has processes like:

  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Improvement Management
  • Talent Management

Common Challenges In ITSM Process

IT service management is essential for companies to enhance their skills. With its importance, it also has many challenges to face. Most of the challenges are common in many cases. In this regard, we are providing you with a list of common challenges in the ITSM process and their solutions.

Lack of knowledge:

A big problem in ITSM is the lack of knowledge. It happens due to the absence of instructions or limited instructions to an IT team. How could they resolve that issue if they didn’t know what to do in a specific condition? That’s why this is a big problem in this regard.


It is another big challenge to tackle. Workload means in a rush of unnecessary or simple requests, real and complicated requests must be struck. Time is more important for an IT client or employee. Due to more workload, they have to wait. Moreover, the IT team has to work hard.

Confusion Between Requester And IT team:

It is another Challenge during the ITSM process that sometimes requesters give a confusing task that the IT team could not appropriately handle. The IT team agent could not understand correctly what the requesters wanted to say. It causes a dilemma between the IT team agent and the requester. For example, my Gmail showed me an error. In this request, things are not clear. The IT team agent could not understand this request.

Rapid Responses:

IT clients and employees are used to doing anything on their finger’s tips. They used to do everything rapidly. They are not used to waiting in queues. That’s why they need a rapid response from the IT team. It is a challenging situation for the IT team to respond quickly.

Lack Of Understanding:

It is the most common problem during an ITSM process. Generally, IT team members rapidly try to solve the requests without understanding what the requester wants to say. They do this to reduce the rush of requests from their desk. In this way, they have failed to satisfy the requester.

Unaccountable For Auto-Generated Alerts

An IT team leader used to manage several requests running on different servers. He receives hundreds of auto-alerts daily, and every alert may produce a disaster if it remains unnoticed. Understanding the harms of these alerts, he has to organize and prioritize them appropriately.


The solution to all these problems is choosing the best ITSM software. An ITSM tool is software used to deliver IT services. To tackle these challenges, you must remember some things while choosing your ITSM system. Some specific features are necessary for an ideal IT Service Management software to tackle the above challenges. These features are stated following.

Knowledge Base:

A knowledge base helps your team share their knowledge about everyday problems and solutions. It provides searchable FAQs and modern Qs and solutions for the IT team. It could be helpful for them to tackle situations in which they do not know what to do.

You should keep this feature in mind to tackle the lack of knowledge. It could be helpful for not only the IT team but the requesters. For the IT team in the sense of getting knowledge about the things, they didn’t know. It could make their work easier. For the requester, it is beneficial to get rid of the problem more rapidly without explaining too much. It could also help make rapid resolutions of requests. That’s why an ideal ITSM tool must include this feature.

Self-Service Portal:

To tackle the more workload challenge, an IT Service Management system must have the feature of a self-service portal. A self-service portal is a platform where a client or employee can solve his problem independently. This feature includes FAQs and Q/A style solutions. It could be helpful to tackle the simple requests that the requester himself could solve.

An ITSM system must have the feature of a self-service portal to tackle the challenge of workload. Despite resolving this challenge, the self-service portal is also important for customer or employee satisfaction. It is because most people prefer to resolve their issues themselves rather than interact with the IT team. Moreover, it would be best if you also kept in mind that self-service portals should be simple in structure and process. So, a person with zero information about his issue could also solve it. It causes more satisfaction for clients and employees.

Multi-Channel Communication:

If an ITSM tool does not contain this feature, it could not be an ideal one. This feature could be helpful in many ways, like getting proper information about the request. If a request cannot be understood, there should be an option for live chat or call to get the correct information. Moreover, it is important to enhance tool users’ satisfaction because they have the choice to communicate through the channel of their own choice.

Automatic Assignment Of Tickets:

The most important thing to watch is whether the ITSM system has the feature of automatic assignment of tickets or not. If it does not have that feature, you choose the wrong one, and if yes, you will overcome many issues and challenges in managing your IT services.

Automatic assignment of tickets includes automatic conversion of the request to the concerned department of the IT service providers. It causes more rapid and concluded responses which cause more satisfaction of the tool user on your IT services. It is a time-saving technique for both requesters and service providers. It also removes a permanent headache from the IT team to manually assign tickets to the concerned departments and teams.

Performance Monitoring:

Performance monitoring could be a better way to gain more satisfaction for ITSM system users. It could improve the performance of the IT team. This feature includes chat history, rating by requesters, or some other definite mechanism to monitor the performance of the IT team. Due to this feature, IT team agents would work to satisfy the customer, not to conclude his request only. If your IT Service Management system does not have this feature, you must consider changing it.

What Are The Benefits For Using The Best ITSM Tool?

If you are facing the challenges stated above, you must pick up the best IT Service Management tool for your business. If you are not facing these problems, still adopting ITSM software could benefit you. It could be beneficial for your company in the following ways.

Reduce Costs:

Due to automatic features, ITSM systems reduced excessive hiring in companies. It is because, for manual management, more staff is needed to run the services. It also reduces the manual workload for IT operators. In this way, adopting an IT Service Management tool could reduce operational costs for your company.

Risk Free IT Change Management:

Poorly planned changes could cause business or service interruptions. A change in the business should be well planned, communicated, and tested so that it could prove more beneficial for your company. Poorly planned changes could be harmful and cause a loss instead of being beneficial.

The change management process is vital in this regard. It is a feature of ITSM tools that defines a complete way and mechanism to implement the IT changes. It assigns formalized roles, policies, processes, and ways for teamwork to implement risk-free IT changes. Due to the dynamic nature of the IT field, it is important to implement IT changes. Change management feature is necessary in this regard.

Improvement Of Performance:

Performance monitoring tools keenly measured the performance of the IT team. This performance monitoring causes improvement in the performance of the IT team, and this improvement causes more satisfaction to ITSM tool users.

Self-Service productivity:

Companies always try to decrease the burden of unnecessary requests from their ITSM. The purpose of self-service tools is to decrease that burden. But some companies could not decrease that burden despite using ITSM systems. There are many reasons, like complex processes, non-productive, or limited information.

The best ITSM tool contains a complete self-service mechanism. That’s why ITSM software could increase self-service productivity and decrease the burden of ITSM. It could also cause more satisfaction to the requester.

Improved communication:

An IT Service Management system could easily integrate its users through multiple channels of communication. It includes several channels like email, live chat, live call, submission forms, etc. Moreover, it communicates rapidly through automatic means with the requester. These automatic means include chatbots, auto-responding templates, or automatic assignment of tickets. In these ways, IT Service Management tools could improve communication between the IT team and requesters.

Time Saving:

An ITSM tool could cause a decrease in the time the IT team spends managing ITSM. How it saves time is stated before. A more rapid, accurate, and timely response could satisfy the requester. If the requester is a customer or client, he will become more loyal to your business. If the requester is an employee, his satisfaction will result in his better performance which could benefit the company.

Increased Return From IT Investments:

All companies want more return on their investments. In today’s technology era, the Size of IT investments is increasing. Like other investments, companies also want more returns from IT investments. It could be possible by using the best IT Service Management tool, which has the qualities we stated above. The best ITSM software could return you more than a standard ITSM system. That’s why you should be careful while choosing your IT Service Management tool.

How Could You Find The Best ITSM Tool:

Keep The Size Of Your Company In Mind:

It is the most important thing to keep in your mind. If your business is too small, you should not waste money on an ITSM tool to compete with your rivals. It could become a white elephant for you. If you have more than 50 employees, you must consider adopting an ITSM system to grow your business. Mid-sized companies and large enterprises must get it as their necessary need.

There are various qualities of the tools, due to which different tools are suitable for different sizes of companies. A tool running an enterprise may be proved not successful for mid-sized and small businesses, and a tool running the ITSM process of a small business may not be suitable for large enterprises. That’s why you should keep your company size in mind.

Some ITSM softwares is the best choice for all sized companies. For example, TIKTING is an ITSM tool that is good for all businesses and companies. It would be best if you kept searching to find the other best ones that are supportive to all businesses.

Keeps The Needs Of Your Company In Mind:

Besides the size of your company, you should also keep its requirements in mind. Sometimes, a large enterprise requires a simple IT Service Management system, and a small company’s needs are higher than a larger company’s. Moreover, different companies have different problems. For example, if you are having communication problems, you should look for a tool that provides the feature of automated multi-channel communication.

It will help if you are sure about what features you want in your ITSM tool. Once you determine the requirements and features you want from the software, it will be easy to find the best one. That’s why your mind should be clear about the requirements before you start searching.


It is a step to narrow down the number of available choices. When you determine the size of your company and the needs of your company, you should shortlist the ITSM systems which are suitable for the size of your business and also have features to fulfill the needs of your company. Short-listing will provide you with a list of suitable tools according to your needs.

There are many ways to shortlist the best options. For example, you should read blogs on topics like the 10 best ITSM tools; you can research on your own by visiting the websites of different tools. You should take the shortlisting step carefully because one of the shortlisted tools will be your new ITSM software.


The next step is to compare the shortlisted IT Service Management software. This comparison should be based on price, features, and reliability. It would be best if you compare which tool offers you more advanced features at less price. You should also compare which ITSM software is more reliable for you according to the size and requirements of your company. This comparison will make the image transparent.


After comparison, you should rank them according to their features, price, and ranking. This ranking could provide a better result if you ranked the tools according to their ability. How could you expect better results if you make the worst tool top ranked? That’s why you should rank them after a detailed comparison in all senses. A better ranking could provide you with more best options.

Make Your Decision:

Now, it’s time to make the decision. Keep one more thing in mind, it is not necessary that the top-ranked tool of your ranking is always the best choice for your company. You should remember your requirements. Sometimes you have to choose a more expensive option due to your requirements. Sometimes, a less-featured tool can run your work. That’s why you should keep your requirements in mind and select the most suitable tool for your company.

Trial Before Implementation:

Before implementing a tool permanently, you should run it on trial bases for some time. If you realize it is not suitable for your company, You could easily quit it without wasting money. It is because various best tools offer free trials. For example, TIKTING offers a three-month trial run. If a tool does not offer a trial, it could not be a wise option to choose it. A trial will tell you all about the tool you select. That’s why a trial run is significant in this regard.

Enjoy Your Returns:

If you find the selected tool successful in the trial run, then congratulations, you have found your best tool. Now, it’s time to collect returns from the money you have invested in ITSM tools. If it could not deliver better, you could change it by the same method above. Moreover, visit our page (best ITSM software comparative study) if you find it challenging to do that process and you will get complete knowledge. We have been given several blogs having lists of the best tools refined through the process we have given above. It will make it easier for you to select the best one. Moreover, we have given you the best choice, which is suitable for all sized businesses.

TIKTING Service Management For ITSM

If you want to get rid of your headache and want a simple name that could be the best ITSM tool, then we recommend TIKTING Service Management. It is the best IT Service Management software for all sized businesses and companies. It offers more advanced features at a very low price. If we compare it with its other alternatives, we come to know that TIKTING is the most advanced and cheapest ITSM software. Its advanced and more reliable database architecture could tackle thousands of requests at a specific time. The feature of multiple-channel communication makes it a better option.
Most importantly, its change management mechanism provides more efficient planned, and risk-free IT changes. It also offers a three-month free trial to its users. Its advanced features make it more reliable and beneficial, especially for large enterprises. After well refining it from the above mentioned process, we recommend TIKTING as the best ITSM system. It could be a solution to your ITSM problems. We are sure that if you review it on your own, you will surely find it the best option.


In this detailed overview, we have overseen the concept of ITIL. We briefly overviewed its main concepts, importance, and benefits. After this overview, we learn what is ITIL? ITIL has been very important for organizations due to its detailed mechanism for organizations to run their daily service operations.

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